Blind Date

A web-based interactive story about a Chinese woman’s blind dating experience.




 Project Overview

Blind Date is a story featuring a 28-year-old Chinese woman, who is being pressured to get married and ends up blind dating with five different candidates. It takes format in an interactive web story that the user can play on a phone. The story is my own imagination of a fictional self in the future. A user plays the role of the imaginary Xiran and helps her to have conversations with different people.

The whole project is designed and created using Adobe Illustrator, PhotoShop, javascript, p5.js, jQuery, Node.js, HTML and CSS.

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 The Story

Blind Date unfolds by introducing the female protagonist Xiran’s conversations with three type of people regarding her marriage; her best friend Lorna, her mom Ling, as well as five different blind dates. These conversations are distributed into 3 chapters.A user plays the role of Xiran and helps her to go through all these conversations.


In Chapter One, as Xiran, a user will have a discussion with your best friend Lorna about a wedding of your younger friend Cici. Lorna worries about your age and your relationship with guys, and she encourages you to date different people before it is too late.

In Chapter Two is a conflict between Xiran and her mom about getting married. Your mom worries about your marriage because she is the person who cares about you the most, She believes that getting married, having family and kids will make You happy; while also being worried about you becoming leftover woman and the target of social criticism, she encouraged you to consider getting married now.


In Chapter Three, upon your mom’s request, though you do not really have plans to get married, you compromised and agree to go on blind dates arranged by your mom’s friend Auntie Wang. You will be able to respond differently to each of the candidate and receives different kind of answers You wonder if one of them will be the right person for you.


Character Profile

Protagonist Xiran

Protagonist’s Mom, Ling

Xiran’s Best Friend, Lorna

Date, Joshua Zhang

Date, Yu

Date, Xiao Feng

Date, Ye Fan

Date, Liu


My presentation of this project


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