Creative Coding Visual Archive

Rain Drops A Cloud

Rain Drops a Cloud is a creative coding project that aims at representing the romantic loop relationship between rain and cloud in an exaggerated way.

Latte Lover

Latte Love is a project that uses p5.js to simulates the interesting progress of making a cup of latte, especially the natural process of different liquids merging together. In the codes, I use mainly Particle system, Collision function and flow-field to create the visuals.


Sketch created by p5.js library. I connected the visual to an Arduino, a microphone and several potentiometers. By serial communication, I was able to create a "blowing the dandelion away" effect by blowing at the microphone. I was also able to live change the sketch by using the potentiometers.


Random threads patterns created by p5.js library.

Small animations