Xiran Yang

 Fly Your Love

Send your love to a friend through an AR paper plane.



Project Brief

Fly your love is a mobile AR app that aims to create a new type of chatting experience among people of different physical places. Users are encouraged to utilize their body movements to send messages based on where they locate.

My Role

User Experience Designer - Persona, Storyboard, User Interview, User Testing, Prototyping

Swift Developer

In collaboration with Eva Yipeng Chen


Adobe XD, Ai, Ps, Pr



Screen Shot 2019-06-11 at 9.56.15 PM.png




how it works


Log in to the app


Click to send a plane



Record the AR plane in space


Receive a plane from a friend


Why do we make to make it?

Due to geographical and time differences, we rely heavily on different digital tools to connect with family and friends who live far away from us. Our connection is often reflected as text messages, audio calls or video chats. The biggest difference between digital interaction and our traditional face-to-face interaction is that we lost the opportunity to deliver feelings and emotions using body gestures and subtle movements. Instead, our communication rely heavily on text and language.

Therefore, we would like to explore if there exists a new type of interaction that encourages people to use body gestures when communicating through digital tools. And thus allow us to better express our emotions in a new and interesting way as an alternative besides video chat or text messages.

With AR technology, different sensors and camera on a phone, we found that there might be an opportunity that we create a new messaging experience that utilizes body language and brings a connection between people and the present physical space.