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A mobile platform that makes clothes donation more user-friendly. 

Heartbox is a self-driven mobile UX project, whose primary goal is to make clothes donation more user-friendly. To achieve that, Heartbox works between different stores that provide donation service and the customers as a medium platform and provides three main features:Donation Store Search feature; Donation Pick-up Service and Donation Reward System.

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The problem



Living in a city like New York, many people have limited storage space at home. The problem I suspect is that clothes owners struggle to find an effective means of cleaning out unwanted clothes.



User Research



I interviewed 5 targeted users who have the need to clean out unwanted clothes. Their occupations range from arts student to fashion designer and the age range is from 21-28.


In these interviews, I am interested in knowing what are people’s views on unwanted clothes; what means do people use to deal with their unwanted clothes and what are the pain points people have when using those means.



  1. Among the users I have interviewed, about 80% of them have tried clothes donation service before, about 40% of them just throw their unwanted clothes away and 20% of them have sold their unwanted clothes on different platforms.

  2. The amount of clothes one person donates at a time is normally more than one big bag. People would drive to donate or use nearby service such a donation box at their apartment/campus.

  3. The order of efforts that required to deal with unwanted clothes: throw away > donate > sell.


Pain Points

  1. It is time, money and effort consuming for non-vehicle owners to a take big bag clothes to donate.

  2. Some people are not aware of the available donation service near them.

  3. It takes a lot of efforts and time to sell second-hand clothes online as one needs to clean, take good pictures of the clothes and argue the price.



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Competitive Analysis



I researched on four different stores. Goodwill, the traditional donation store that only takes donation; Buffalo Exchange, a vintage store where one can sell and buy clothes from, they also have donation service; Depop, an online second-hand clothes sell and buy platform; H&M, a clothes line that also has clothes recycling service



To figure our what do the current services that deal with unwanted clothes look like and find the opportunities of improvements



  1. Most stores that provide donation service do not provide delivery service

  2. Not all stores that provide donation service are well known, for instance, H&M

  3. Not many stores provide reward when users donate clothes







After conducting different methodology research, I believe a mobile app that has delivery service, store search function and rewarding system for customers who want to donate clothes will help them to save time and efforts donating.


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First WireFrame


Based on the previous research and the user flow, I created my first wireframe. The first wireframe I created showed my first iteration of a search store function, a schedule pick-up service function, as well as a donation tracking feature where the user can see the route of his donated package.





Three Tasks

I created three different tasks testing those three feature(search for a donation store, schedule a pick up service, check previous donation) respectively with some users.

The three scenarios are:

  1. Your name is Rita, you run out of closet space and need to clear things out, you decide to use the app to find the address of the nearest donation store and donate your unwanted clothes there;

  2. You run out of closet space and need to clear things out. Since you are very busy and do not own a car, you decide to use the clothes donation delivery service on the app to make a clothes pick-up appointment to deliver your unwanted clothes.

  3. You just donated some unwanted clothes and got a tracking number, you want to use the app to track where your clothes have been donated.


User feedback

Most of them could finish the tasks I assign but they also asked many questions.Some repeated common feedback are:

“Icons are confusing.”

“The map view does not provide enough information.”

“The location instruction is not clear enough.”

“The confirmation after making an appointment is confusing.”

And I also realized that I have not really show anything of the rewarding system

Based on the user testing, I refined my wireframes.



Refined wireframe


01. Clarify the search experience and enrich the map view.

Compared to the previous version, I break down the whole search store progress to be more clear. I create both map view and list view of the stores. I also provide more details of each store.

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02. Redesign the confirmation page.


03. Use clear icons & add reward system.



Design Guide



Final Prototype


 Next Steps

Working on this project has made me learned a lot. I took it as an excellent opportunity to practice my research and design skills. Through the progress, I talked to many different people, including my targeted users and fellow designer friends. I realized that one can always get new insights by talking to the users. As a designer, I should never make any design decision that I think will work without knowing my users’ feelings. While talking to designer friends often allowed me to view my the design problem from new perspectives. For instance, while I was working on this project, one of my fellow designer friends suggested me to look at my project from a business perspective. Her advice made me start to consider how will each stakeholder be benefitted from the product.

As I keep moving on with this project, I would love to:

  1. Do more user testing.

  2. Working more on the rewarding system. - I want to make donating more motivating, yet I still need to work more on figuring out what the rewards are.

  3. Research more on clothes recycling - I hope to embed some knowledge of that in the app as well.

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